Mindfulness Classes, Workshops, and Retreats

Mindfulness and Leadership

From Google’s ‘Search Inside Yourself’ worldwide program, all the way down to local community groups, there is a growing recognition that benefits attained through learning some simple mindfulness skills add to the productivity, effectiveness, and general happiness of employees, leaders, and community members.

My past experience as a leader and manager in a corporate environment has underlined the importance of developing a personal practice that supports development as a human being first, leader or team player second.

Emotional, mental and spiritual intelligence grow from this personal development, enabling calmness in times of stress, an enhanced self-awareness and understanding of one’s effect on others, and encouraging others to be the best they can be.

The results are happier, more harmonious office/corporate environments with attendant results on productivity. This is true leadership!

Mindfulness as a personal approach

The benefits of a regular practice of Mindfulness develop first in one’s own personal life, which then radiates out into family life, community life, and work life.

Stress reduction, enhanced sense of personal well-being, lowered levels of anxiety and depression all come from creating specific time for tending to oneself.

Learning simple Mindfulness Meditation techniques, understanding how the mind/body/emotional complex is made up, and developing an ongoing habit of Mindfulness – these are the core approaches to stepping into life in a new, more present, more truly you, way.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation 4-week course

This course will give you a basic overview of Mindfulness, as well as experience with a few different mindful meditations.

The course is designed and coordinated through Mindfulness Works Australia, which has been running Mindfulness courses for the past several years across the country.

I run a regular 4-week program in McLaren Vale. The very reasonal price includes a well laid-out 44-page manual, access to the Wildflowers Meditation app for your mobile phone, weekly support emails, and follow-up suggestions/resources. Through the month of attending your one-hour weekly sessions, you are also encouraged to develop a new habit – a daily meditation time. From here the benefits of Mindfulness truly begin to flow.

Dates: Variable, check Mindfulness Works website

Times: Thursdays for 4 weeks, 7.30-8.30pm

Location: McLaren Vale Institute Hall (Supper Room)

Cost: $125


Corporate and Community-based Workshops


Scheduled on as-needs basis – POA


Mindfulness Basics  (2-4 hours):

These classes are designed to give an introductory overview of what mindfulness is (and is not). They can be brought into a corporate or community-based environment, including a variety of exercises that create interaction between individuals as well as personal enquiry time.

In consultation with you, a typical course will include some theory around how our brains work and thinking habits; a few  experiential mindfulness practices; as well as building some basic skills for de-stressing and relaxation.

‘Mindful Leader’ Workshop  (1-2 days):

Run as either residential or non-residential immersion experiences.

These workshops are designed on consultation with you and include:

  • Overview of mindfulness development.
  • Theory on brain development and thinking habits.
  • How emotional intelligence and mindfulness are linked.
  • Simple mindfulness/meditation techniques that can be used anywhere, promoting enhanced self-awareness and regulation.
  • Ample time to practice a range of mindfulness ‘tools’.
  • Time for reflection/personal goal setting.
  • Other aims identified through consultation process.

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