Last year I helped my friend Simon bring to birth his vision for a yoga & mindfulness phone app you can use while driving your car.

It may seem counter-intuitive to attempt to do yoga while driving your car. However, our whole focus during the time of writing and recording this app was how to make the driver’s experience more alert. Many studies have been done on the ill effects of holding our body in one position for long periods of time – sitting at a desk, in front of the tv, and especially driving! We sit all the time in our computer-device oriented world, and our bodies long to move!

The app works beautifully with the driving experience, encouraging a range of small, subtle movements that help keep the spine, shoulders, neck, and hips all a bit more mobile, while also reminding the driver of the main task at hand – driving! A recent review which appeared in ‘Yoga Today’ stated that: “I love how this app makes me feel… it has made my trips to work more ‘me time’.’

Check out Yogcar at or visit the Apple Store to download to your phone… move while you’re moving, and arrive more alive!