Restorative Yoga

Book your 2021 Sunday Restorative session

With these specially designed Restorative Yoga sessions, you are invited to give yourself the gift of profound letting-go and nurture that will restore your energy to top-notch operation, give your heart a lift, and calm your busy mind.

Next Session:

Sunday, 21 April 2021


Kangarilla Community Hall

(just behind Football Oval)

Cost: $47

(includes use of all equipment plus a little treat at the end of the session)

NOTE: Space limited to a MAXIMUM of 12 people… book early.

In my view, Restorative Yoga is the ultimate balance practice.

There are many ways we choose to ‘relax’ in this busy world of ours. The ability to switch attention from the demands of work or home, and to take a break from habitual patterns of activity and thought, is necessary for a healthy functioning life.

The popular saying ‘a change is as good as a rest’ holds some great home truth.

The effectiveness of Restorative Yoga lies in the specificity of intention. The singularity of it. We come into this practice with the sole intention of letting go – of everything, but especially of effort.

In this sense we are not seeking to ‘change’ our state so much as to ‘allow’ ourselves space, openness, and profound surrender of effort. A sense of vital re-invigoration of our whole body/mind/heart system is the result.

Animals are experts at resting between bouts of activity, but as adult humans in western society, the tendency is to keep stimulating ourselves to push through a sense of tiredness.

Over time we forget how to truly relax, and our physical, mental and emotional systems pay the price of continually being switched ‘on’. Even sleep can suffer.

In a restorative yoga class, you are set up in physically very supportive poses that encourage the body to deeply relax. It is more about opening the body, rather than stretching it. Poses are held for longer periods of time, the message to the body and whole system being that there is no rush.

As a session progresses, profound spaciousness and stillness of being develop, brainwaves slowing, the nervous system calming, blood pressure lowering.

Here the body heals, the mind refreshes, the heart eases. This time is a gift to yourself – the resulting renewed energy you will feel is the gift you take back out into your world.